I Was Nominated For A Blogger Recognition Award

About an hour ago I received a comment on my last post from Lola Colleen @ https://colleenackerman.wordpress.com/ telling me she’d been nominated and to look at the rules, upon doing so I saw that my blog amongst the other 14 she’d picked was there. Thank you so much Lola for nominating means a lot!! I’m touched to know that you like my blog. 🙂

To accept the award here are the rules I must follow:

  1. Thank the one who nominated you and embed a link to their blog.
  2. Share how you started your blog.
  3. Give a little bit of advice that new bloggers can take away.
  4. Select fifteen other blogs  who you think really deserve the award.
  5. Visit the blogs you nominated and let them know.

I did the first rule so now on to rule 2.

I began blogging about 2-3 weeks ago, so I’m fairly new, I just kind of fell into it. I had written a good few poems that I had no idea what to do with. I wanted to share my writing with others, instead of just myself. That’s how wordiness24 was born. I wanted to hear other peoples feedback as I am toying with the idea of submitting my poems to magazines.

My advice to new bloggers would be to write about things that excite you, things you have experienced, things you believe in. Anything that makes you feel something, anger, sadness, happiness, laughter. Also to just write and believe in yourself. Before starting this blog I had no confidence in my writing, but after taking the chance to share my work, I’ve found that my poems have been well received so far. So my last bit of advice is to be confident.

Now on to my nominations. The 15 bloggers that I think deserve this award are, in no particular order other than I follow and like the content of their blogs and think they deserve more followers:

  1. SeekingGod2 @                                                                               https://ajourneyto.wordpress.com/
  2. The Chaos Realm @                                                         https://achaosfairyrealm.wordpress.com/
  3. emotionsoflife2016 @                                                            https://emotionsoflife2016.wordpress.com/
  4. Dorinda Duclos @                                                                                         https://dorindaduclos.com/
  5. Molly-Louise @                                                                 https://mollysdreams.wordpress.com/
  6. My Literary Diary @                                                                      https://rbcareyblog.wordpress.com/
  7. elynjay1 @                                                                             https://elynjay1119.wordpress.com/
  8. Morgan @                                                                               https://uniqueharmoney.wordpress.com/
  9. leleharris @                                                                         https://spiritualbluejay.wordpress.com/
  10. Paul @                                                                                https://captainsspeech.wordpress.com/
  11. afairymind @                                                                   https://thestorytellersabode.wordpress.com/
  12. Stuart McEwan @                                                       https://forgedfromreverie.wordpress.com/
  13. TheGirlYouNeverNoticed @                 https://thediaryofaninvisibleordinarygirl.wordpress.com/
  14. yesyoucan111 @                                                                                                https://yesyoucan111.com/
  15. Richard Ankers @                                                                                           https://richardankers.com/

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